Friday, August 24, 2012

oh dear.

dear, twinnie,

thank you for mentioning pixlr on facebook. like i don't have enough problems.

it took me about 20 second to figure it out and now my life is ruined. clearly now all i will be doing is putting effects on images and creating cool collages all day long. it just cannot be helped.

i'm addicted.

it's already taken over my life and it's only been fifteen minutes.

you realize that eventually i'll get fired and end up on the streets and it will be all your fault.

so thank you for that.

your twinnie

PS: lesson of the day, gentle readers is this: if you want to remain gainfully employed, do not go on facebook.

or pixlr.

or pinterest.

or instagram.

or twitter.

the end. happy friday.

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