Monday, July 16, 2012

bits + pieces.

first let me say that the bastille day celebration was a complete bust. torrential rain sent francophones and francophiles alike dashing for the indoors. so much for the sidewalk art festival, live musicians, etc. ppfff. annoying. and what's more, the belcourt's outdoor screening of creature from the black lagoon was cancelled. best laid plans. so we had to make our own fun. why not a bingo party? mais oui!

the boy was the caller. i secretly was glad he was getting to work on identifying numbers. the activity qualified as education, i do believe.

at one point our friends joined us and we had a real live bingo party with pizza and root beer floats.

and my friends helped hang some curtains, which was so very, very thoughtful.

see how nice? i'm thrilled.

here's to good friends, bingo parties, and hopefully a rescheduled creature feature.

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