Tuesday, June 5, 2012

happy work-iversary to me!

2003 head shot (c) Vanderbilt
2005 head shot (c) Vanderbilt

2011 head shot 
(hurray for photoshop 
and good lighting!) 
 (c) Vanderbilt
nine years ago today i was hired to work at this prestigious university. it's been surprisingly exciting. (who knew higher ed could be so much fun?)

i've interviewed scientists, astronauts, freedom riders and roller derby girls.

i've reported on visits by presidents, physicists, authors and rock stars.

i've learned more than i ever thought possible about endowments, technology transfer, string theory, prostatectomies, prosthetic limbs, compliance and export controls.

and i've even gotten to write about food, movies, baseball and books.

this afternoon i'm off to observe the transit of venus across the sun (which only happens every 100 or so years!)

hurray for having a job i love!

here's to the past nine years and hopefully many more!

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