Wednesday, May 23, 2012

west end cafe. definite possibilities.

The new-ish west end cafe as been on my radar ever since i found out they have brunch, aka, the best meal of the day. it's in the former baja fresh on broadway/west end, and the facility has a new look and feel. lots of aged barn wood has been used to attempt a more rustic feel around the main counter area.

we started with fresh squeezed orange juice and by "we," i mean me, the boy, and his alien in a jar. the oj couldn't have been fresher. next time i'll take advantage of the fresh belinis and mimosas.

the boy had this belgian waffle with fresh in season strawberries and whipped cream. my normally picky eater wolfed down every single bite and licked the place clean. a good sign.

the bongo java coffee comes in these wonderful heavy coffee mugs emblazoned with the company name. the server admitted that people have been stealing them. a lot. i of course didn't steal one (it was too big to fit in my bag) but may buy one next time i go in.

the room is open and airy. i liked the wood touches, but wished the tables weren't made of a shiny faux wood material. i guess faux wood is easier to keep clean than the real thing.

i had this vegetable omelet, which was much to my liking. fresh spinach and tomato, creamy and delicious (they were out of mushrooms, so that was a slight disappointment). the sourdough toast was to die for - hand painted with melted butter (i haven't had toast this good since pie and burger in pasadena).

to reiterate: omelet = good. coffee = great.

waffle + OJ = stupendous.

i'll definitely be back. it's conveniently located across from the indigo hotel, and there's loads of parking in back.

the west end cafe is trying to expand beyond simply the breakfast crowd. they are working on a tapas menu, dinner entrees, happy hour specials, etc., so we'll see how that goes.

for me, brunch is enough.

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