Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day post mortem.

brunch is the best meal of all, and that's what i wanted for mother's day.

brunch, and this bloody-tooth-shaped pottery from my adorable child.

this card came with it. precious.

the boy and i went to our lovely friend kelly's house. her husband was busy saving lives at the hospital, so we made chocolate chip banana pancakes and the moms drank blood orange mimosas.

we made the boys go around the table and say all the reasons they love their mamas. it was truly sweet. even if their reasons for loving us came down to the various gifts we've given them or things we let them do, such as eat candy and play on the wii.

hey. i'll take it. hope your day was lovely too.

peace and love this week.

only a week and a half left of being a kindy mom. see how i'm faring here.

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