Thursday, January 12, 2012

snow is coming. be afraid. be very afraid.

nashvillians aren't known for their sensibility when it comes to snow. the grocery stores become mad-houses and the streets absolute mayhem.

the rain we're getting now is predicted to turn to snow (ONE HALF INCH IN MOST AREAS AND UP TO THREE INCHES ON THE PLATEAU!! the weather guy shouted this morning).

it's going to be flakes-a-fallin' when kids get out of school, lasting well into rush hour and the evening. it's going to be madness, i tell you.


reference the photo above from the great snow-pocalypse of 2011 in which 3 inches of snow that started falling at rush hour literally shut down traffic all over the city for hours.


people abandoned their cars and walked to restaurants to wait it out, but the restaurants didn't have enough servers to handle the throngs.

it took me two hours just to get out of the parking garage. and four more to drive 3 miles home.

all i can say is, jesus, take the wheel. it's comin'.

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