Wednesday, January 4, 2012

real heroes amongst us.

photo (c) Anne Rayner/Vanderbilt University

this is marie phillips with one of her students. she serves as nurse for a school in nashville where nearly all the children live below the poverty line.

it is only a few miles from where my boy goes to school, yet her stories make it sound like a world away.

many come to school hungry, haven not eaten since they had lunch at school the previous day. many don't have parents who are present and caring. many are lonely and scared. they find comfort in "nurse marie" who is there to lend her loving support.

it's a heartbreaking and heartwarming story i'm finishing today for work. i'll let you know when it's online.

this has no doubt been one of the most emotional stories i've worked on in recent months.

more soon, my lovelies. bring beauty to the world today!

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