Friday, January 6, 2012

downton abbey season two starts sunday.

oh heavenly day!

my new favorite show, downton abbey, is back at last with season two, starting this sunday, jan. 8 at 8 p.m. on pbs.

During the broadcast, a twitter party will be taking place in which you can comment using the hashtag #downtownPBS.

but let's get real: who wants to be staring down at your mobile device, feverishly typing with your thumbs about your favorite show, downton abbey, when you could be actually watching your favorite show, downton abbey?


i've had to avoid even doing google searches on the show, since the second season has already aired in england, which means there are spoilers lurking everywhere.

i am so thrilled to have gotten the first season on dvd from a friend for christmas, and now am hooked.

to tide me over, i've been re-watching gosford park, emma and anything remotely british.

watch downton abbey and let me know what you think.

happy weekend, my lovelies! peace, love and all things good ...

ps so sorry for my tardy postings. my life is far too busy and complicated. i'm working on that. xoxo

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