Friday, January 20, 2012


thinking of dad today. he's in surgery as we speak. special thoughts, love and prayers going out on his behalf today.

a few things i learned from dad:

never park on the grass.
keep your property well groomed, and your neighbors will follow suit.
saturday night is bath night: for kids and cars.
there's always someone who has less, so be grateful for what you've got.
work hard, and take pride in the results.
it's important to keep the whitewalls white.
shucking corn under a shade tree is a wonderful thing.
if you don't have something, make it.
button-weeds are a nickle a piece.
buttered soda crackers make a good bedtime snack.
never underestimate the importance of a freshly painted white fence.

have a happy friday, my lovelies.

1 comment:

Suzyfein said...

Thinking of you, dear. Hope all is well with your Dad. Sweet photos. Also loved the list of things you learned from him.

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