Thursday, November 17, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 76: nyc part four.

and now for the event that drew me to nyc in the first place: the rolex arts weekend at the new york city public library.

the weekend was packed with a series of performances, readings and discussions featuring the artists selected for the rolex mentor and protege arts initiative.

what a fantastic idea, to match up deserving artists, writers, filmmakers, and the like with established professionals in their field. together they learn, share ideas and create amazing new projects.

and the event is held at the most amazing place ever, the new york public library!

my keen interest was in annmarie jacir, a filmmaker from palestine.

she was paired with danny glover, who produced her first film salt of this sea and her upcoming release "when i saw you." (through her production company Philistine Films)

her other mentor was zhang yimou, the renowned director of raise the red lantern, curse of the golden flower, and other heart-stoppingly beautiful chinese films.

unfortunately yimou wasn't able to be at the rolex event, but it was thrilling hearing all about their collaboration. afterward we got to meet the panelists and the moderator, peter scarlet, executive director of the abu dhabi film festival.

the entire conference was outstanding, and i hope to go again next year.

i was surprised about how inspiring it was to hear danny glover speak.

when i think of him, i think of his role in the royal tennenbaums, a quirky offbeat film. i never knew he had such a passion for telling stories through independent and foreign language films.

and annmarie jacir - how i wanted to spend more time with her. to hear her story and to better understand the plight of her people.

that's what so many foreign language films do, they break down barriers and open hearts and that's why i love them.

lego lions at the library!

i'll wrap up my nyc trip tomorrow, my lovelies. until then, peace and love.

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