Monday, November 7, 2011

Bits of my weekend vol. 75.

our good buddy winston's neighbor jack was having a birthday party, and his mom let us come over early to test the bouncy thing.

it was a space theme. so while the kids bounced, winston's mom and i helped with hanging the decorations.

jack's mom had space stations set up everywhere and the kids had little rocket packs they got to take home.

so adorable.

wish i'd gotten more pictures.

after that, winston and the boy went on a picnic and played at the park.

did you know macdo's has pumpkin pie right now? well they do. and it's pretty yummy.

here's winston's precious little sis lilly. i just want to just dress her up in bows and ruffles and sparkles and giant tutus and fairy wings.

she would hate that very much.

but an auntie can dream.

we came back later to jack's party to bring him his gift. it's hard to tell, but the yard was magical at dusk.

the boy bounced a little more.

and then we headed for home.

how was your weekend?

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