Thursday, October 6, 2011

field trip to the fire station!

that's the boy, in yellow.

it was my first time to go on a field trip with my kindergartner and what fun we had!

we walked about 40 or so kids to the fire hall, about 10 blocks away. the boy likes to walk with his hands in his pockets. he says all the kids are doing it now.

notice all the parents with cameras. don't they look silly. oh wait, i was one of those parents taking pictures. so nevermind.

notice the firewoman in the fire suit.

now try to visualize me in the fire suit.

why? because i was asked to volunteer to try it on.

and i said no. but then i said i would do it.

i imagine a photo of that will surface eventually and then prove to haunt me forever.

here's the boy with his new friend samuel.

had i known he would love kindergarten this much, i wouldn't have worried myself sick over it for the past year.

so to those who told me he would love it and i shouldn't worry so much and i got mad and said you didn't understand and that kindergarten is terrifying ... well, i'm sorry. you were right.

have a beautiful day!

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