Monday, October 17, 2011

Bits of my weekend vol. 72.

the boy's self portrait. doesn't he look grown up?

we did tons of biking this weekend. i mean tons.

there were crashes and spills, laughter and tears.

in short, we're exhausted.

it was a glorious ride to starbucks, and then the greenway, a lovely biking path in the midst of the city.

there were adorable bridges ... (adorned by a beautiful boy)

romantic train tracks ...

and some totally rocking graffiti art.

oh, and we saw a snake. and a turtle.

it was quite a day.

it was a journey, really. an adventure of epic proportions.

the only drawback? it was a long ride back home, which was mostly up hill, by the way.

but worth every sore quad muscle, skinned knee and sunburnt nose.

how was your weekend?

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