Monday, October 3, 2011

Bits of my weekend vol. 70.

we went to a fun free event for kids this weekend called the we care for kids day, sponsored by the children's hospital.

clearly it was a raging success, since we came home with this gorgeous pumpkin.

which he painted gold.

and stuck glittery stickers all over.

but let's not dwell on that.

there were loads of games where kids could learn about health and safety and win prizes (my boy is all about winning the prizes) so it was a really fun time.

his top prize? a set of six matchbox cars! it was like christmas.

and did i mention it was perfect fall weather?

fantastic, sun shining, cool breeze, leaves falling kind of day.

my favorite.

there were tons of folks in costume, from darth vader (or "dark" vader, as the boy calls him) to wonderwoman, and the kids could get their pictures taken with their favorite characters.

but i have no photos of them because the boy wanted to have nothing to do with anyone dressed up in any kind of costume.

nuh uh.

he was all about the crafting ...

and the sliding ...

and the gaudy pumpkin painting.

huzzah for fall!

how was your weekend?

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