Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bits of my weekend vol. 66.

oh what a weekend. it was all about the boy (but then, when isn't it?)

the boy turns six today, so we spent the whole labor day weekend doing whatever the heck he wanted.

i'll be the first to admit i went a little overboard. there were balloons and presents, a sushi dinner at ginza, a trip to chuck e. cheese's, a return to shakespeare in the park, and a sweet cece's reunion with his besties, winston and ryan.

and there's another party this weekend to commemorate with co-besties isaac and maddie.

whew. yeah. so i went a lot overboard.

the gift that was the biggest hit was the nintendo ds i bought from a co-worker for very little cost. it's an older version but the boy doesn't know the difference. i fear every picture i will ever take of him from here on out will be of him hunching over his ds.

PS: our weather just turned weird and we went from sweltering hot to cold cold rain. how was your weekend?

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