Monday, August 1, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 61.

isaac, maddie and the boy.

we did a great many things this weekend, but the nashville sounds game was a highlight. it was a special books from birth night, so our ticket money went to a good cause.

so many of the boy's friends were there, including his future prom date maddie and his classmates ryan and isaac and their siblings.

we limited the ice cream and other sweets but they still went wild. just so happy to be together in the twilight of their pre-k year.

kindergarten is knocking at our door, and all the kids are feeling it.

everybody's peeling off for family vacations and summer camps before heading off to mostly different kindergartens, so this was a last huzzah of sorts.

i'm going to include this picture in the slide show at their wedding reception.

maddie has always been the boy's best girl-friend. she likes to climb, run and balance live cicadas on her nose. fearless. my kinda girl.

only in nashville. a guitar-shaped scoreboard.

i love baseball.

there were fireworks after the game.

i must say, it's the best fireworks show around.

the boy was mesmerized. and not even scared at all.

he's come so far this year.

he's almost six, and you can tell it.

what ever happened to this little guy?

he grew up, that's what.

afterward, all the kids got to run the bases.

he ran like the wind.

he was a sight to see.

how was your weekend?

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