Thursday, June 9, 2011

an ode to a cicada

an original, heartfelt poem by me.
based on a true story.
(photo (c) steve green/vanderbilt)

there’s an insect in my car
a 13-year cicada
it flaps its paper wings and whines
i guess i’ll kill it later

chirping creature in my car
that bothersome cicada
hiding deep beneath my seat
can’t wait to squash it later

pesky squatter in my car
you’re bugging me, cicada
you and all your red-eyed friends
i’m gonna git you later

crunchy creeper in my car
you busy brown cicada
some say you taste real good in pie
perhaps I’ll eat you later

quiet fellow in my car
a sleepy sad cicada
singing your last siren's song
i better free you later

silence, silence in my car
what happened sweet cicada?
you never got the chance to mate
i’ll think about that later

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