Monday, June 6, 2011

bits of my weekend, volume 53.

first let me say, i was shocked to see this almost completely grown boy on my couch.

long legged. smart. articulate. emotional. analytical. loving. brave.

but not too too grown up.

afterall, he still makes little beds for his stuffed animals.

almost six.

oy vey.

we swam at winston's house. you get the idea of how these two interact.

like brothers. they play hard and fight hard.

somebody always ends up in tears.

but there's lots of laughter in between.

PS this isn't a hug. it's a choke hold.

in other news, we finished the parrot puzzle. 500 pieces of madness.

plus one. just to push me over the edge.

so we broke it up.

and we're starting a new one.

PS the boy's new teeth are coming in.

they have tiny points. like kitty teeth.

how was your weekend?

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