Monday, June 27, 2011

bits of my weekend, vol. 56: groveland grade school reunion edition.

i'm here in central illinois to see my folks and it worked out to go to a reunion of folks who went to our now defunct grade school. what memories.

i'm on the left, my twinnie's on the right and in the middle is our classmate sheryl who cooked the whole thing up on facebook.

what did we ever do before facebook?

this is our schoolmate christi hogue.

i remember going to her house for an awesome birthday party.

here's a bunch of us, including in the center, the fabulous cindy anderson.

here's me and my sibs on the steps inside the old grade school.

that was a long time ago.

a really, really, long time ago.

more bits to come. it's taking forever to upload the millions of photos we've taken so far.

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