Monday, April 4, 2011

bits of my weekend, volume 44.

the boy was sniffly - darn the pollen! - and miserable so we had a three day weekend.

i got him signed up for kindergarten and then we stayed for a carnival fundraiser which was fun - but cold.

the boy wanted to play every game at least twice, especially the ones he was good at.

he came home with a sack full of fun prizes.

he especially liked the necklaces because they reminded him of pirate treasure.

and speaking of pirates ... there was a great duel.

many fought.

many died.

and the captain sailed away with the booty.

the weather warmed up.

so we went a'swangin'.

my favorite flowers were in bloom ... dandelions ...

and wild violets.

and this two-dollar box provided a whole day's worth of enjoyment.

welcome to the boy's new hide-out, complete with mail slot...

... and a doggy door.

how was your weekend?

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