Monday, March 14, 2011

bits of my weekend, volume 41.

the boy went with me on friday to get a pedicure. i opted for the extra fancy rubbing salts and lotions, but no polish.

not yet. it's not quite time for that.

saturday we made muffins.

and then headed off to the downtown public library (where else?) for a production of alice in wonderland and a mad hatter's tea party.

but first, a stop off at the produce place. our favorite shop. why?

because they have kombucha and healthy treats.

by the time we got to the library, we had missed the production of alice. but we were first in line for the tea party.

we made and decorated our own hats.

and the boy decorated cookies with icing and sprinkles.

isn't this pretty?

then we watched the entire disney movie of Alice in Wonderland.

it was no less weird than the johnny depp version, i might add.

the weather cleared up so we went to the park for a little baseball.

see? i let him do boy things too.

and we played a little monopoly.

we couldn't find the dice, so the boy fashioned one out of play doh.

we took the boy for a sneak peek of the new apartment (we're moving in a month). he was excited to see that there's a creek with ducks.

oh, and the YMCA is next door and it's super nice. indoor and outdoor pools, air hockey, basketball, and yoga for mommy.

change is on the horizon ...

how was your weekend?

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