Thursday, February 10, 2011

pandemonium ... times 100.

i left work at 4:15 yesterday, just as the snow began to fall.

here's what i found waiting for me.

gridlock. just to get out of the parking garage.

all the streets were packed.

it looked like a rock concert had just let out.

it took one hour to drive the five blocks to the boy's school.

then another three hours to drive the remaining 2.5 miles home.

we got stuck twice, but some kind gentlemen hopped out of their cars to push us.

i had to gun it and you could smell the rubber burning.

at one point the boy started crying, so i cheered him up by driving through mcdonald's in the midst of the mess. luckily they were still open.

thank you, mcdonalds, for being open. we were so very, very hungry by then.

we finally got home at 8 p.m.

the boy was so glad to be home he started kissing one of the walls. i'm not kidding.

this morning we made peace with the snow and went sledding.

dear lord, please let this be the last snow we get in nashville this winter.

sure, it's pretty, but i truly don't think i can handle the chaos that comes with it.


1 comment:

Illinois Granny Blogger said...

no winterwonderland here. more like a bad dream. Sorry you had to go thru that.

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