Monday, February 21, 2011

bits of my weekend, volume 38.

the entire family was fighting allergies and sinus pressure, so our tail feathers were dragging.

we managed to make it to two arts productions and a quick trip to the park, with some mighty naps in between.

the boy has become very attached to this book, by the way, and now takes it where ever he goes.

he also sleeps with it.

and told me last night that he cried a few tears over it because he loved it so much.

at the downtown nashville public library, there was a free performance of borreguita and the coyote, which i had never heard of but the boy knew well.

the little lamb, borreguita, keeps the coyote from eating her through a series of tricks.

the nashville ballet is generous to spend their saturdays doing these free productions.

they boy even was brave enough to go on stage afterward to meet the dancers and learn a step or two.

feeling ambitious, we had a quick lunch and headed straight for the frist center for the bharatanatyam performance by monica cooley in honor of the new vishnu exhibit.

sadly, we were in the back row and couldn't see well, so i didn't get any photos.

i stole this one from monica's web site. she runs a dance school with her husband, sankaran mahadevan, called kala nivedanam.

i've seen her productions many times at sri ganesha temple and they are mesmerizing.

the boy was not similarly mesmerized, so we ended up upstairs in the kids center doing art before we decided as a family we needed naps. pronto.

on sunday we dragged ourselves to the park for a few minutes, but just couldn't sustain the energy it took, so went back home to bed.

mostly the boy did this.

computer games. which he is getting really good at.

what did you do this weekend?

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