Monday, February 14, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 37 a.k.a. the valentine's post.

happy valentine's day!

we celebrated all weekend long.

we had a play date with ryan and baby jack, and look what they brought!

somebody's been reading my blog.

we worked on our valentines ...

... and baked cupcakes for the teachers.

jack-jack didn't want to help but was very curious.

he preferred to love-up on millie.

our mean old cat kept giving him head-butts.

and they all watched shrek.

when they weren't busy bouncing up and down.

alas, it ended too soon.

in other news, we upgraded the frog tank over the weekend.

and sunday the weather was warm.

warm, i tell you.

it was heaven.

snow? what snow?

i can't even remember the snow.

then we took naps and started baking all over again.

we wanted the teachers to have a lot of cupcakes today.

why? because we love them.

and we like making cupcakes.

how was your weekend?

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