Monday, February 7, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 36

friday night was girls night out.

a new blouse and scarf were in order (thank you blush!)

and of course, heels.

so i finally busted out these bad boys.

i bought them last september and they've been crying in my closet ever since.

"wear us! take us out someplace nice!" we're begging you! seriously. we can't breathe."

these girls have been my lifeline. you've heard me mention them before: kelly the michigander (left) and texas-tough sheryl (right).

a.k.a., ryan's mom and winston's mom.

we rocked it out at p.m. nashville, even if we never did catch a glimpse of owner/executive chef arnold myint.

arnold, where were you? seriously.

off taping another episode of top chef? that's no excuse, mister.

the sushi was amazing.

and we laughed.

a lot.

we really should do this more often.

then it was back to the world of "what cool things can i do with my boy this weekend?"

and we found a doozy:

the chinese new year celebration at the downtown nashville public library.

two words: AWE. SOME.

the boy was captivated by the dancers. he became obsessed with getting one of those lanterns to take home.

this was the bowl dance. she balanced three bowls on her head throughout the whole dance.

i can barely get across my kitchen without breaking something.

pretty amazing.

the teachers were lovely.

and though the boy didn't get a lantern he got a traditional red envelope with a chinese coin in it.


and the food knocked us out. the sweet bun was terrific. it had almond paste inside.

and the entire event was free.

i [heart] the nashville downtown public library.

what did you do this weekend?

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