Monday, January 24, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 34

saturday morning we went to nashville's downtown public library for the anansi the spider puppet show.

the boy's buddy winston came along.

they immediately found about 50 books they wanted to check out.

the kids section is amazing.

other best friend ryan met us there and the three musketeers could barely contain their joy.

they love the story of anansi the trickster – there's something in the character they relate to, i guess.

the puppets were amazing and it was a terrific show.

a wonderful free event for kids (minus the $2.50 i spent on parking).

well, almost free.

i threw down $30 on various snacks at the fantastic provence breads.

what can i say? i couldn't leave without feeding them snacks.

oh, and i can't resist their coffee.

here's ryan's little bro jack.

what a cutie.

and here's the french fruit tart the boy enjoyed. and by enjoyed i mean he ate the fruit off the top.

sunday we went to loud church and the boy wanted to pose in his dinosaur tie. that's chip-chip, his hamster, he's holding.

here he is jumping for joy after a nice lunch at red robin.

later we had a fire drill due to a burst water pipe.

the boy does not like the screeching alarms.

other than that, we slept ...

watched football ... and cried over the bears ...

and the frogs danced.

how was your weekend?

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