Monday, January 17, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 33

on saturday morning, we drove to nashville's gorgeous downtown public library to see the tichenor marionette show of anansi the spider.

when we arrived, we found out we'd gotten our dates wrong: it was instead going to be a production of the singing tortoise by the nashville ballet.

well, we couldn't miss that.

so while we waited for the show to start, we noshed at the library's euro-cafe, provence breads.

the dancing goats coffee there is legendary.

well, at least in my mind.

so are their confections, including real french macarons.

it was the boy's first visit to this branch, so he wanted to try out the computer games.

and we checked out a small red grooms exhibit.

the ballet was beautiful.

what a lovely way to spend a saturday morning.

afterward we got to see the masks up close and meet the dancers.

after that, we felt so inspired, we went home and made macaroni art.

how was your weekend?

PS be sure to take part in service opportunities today in honor of MLK day!


J. P. Morrison said...

Joan--thanks for coming to the ballet! We've got a special preview of Peter and the Wolf THIS WEEK that I would love to invite you to. Email me at so we can get connected.

Terry Eliason said...

Thank you for posting this. The goat is actually my daughter. Since she lives so far away we rarely get to see her "in action" these days. This was a nice peek.

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