Thursday, December 9, 2010

we came. we froze. we sorted.

my friend kelly and i are making a habit of volunteering for nashville's second harvest food bank and boy is it fun.

i mean it. it's the funnest thing ever.

for a couple of gals who love organizing stuff it's the perfect volunteer project, and great mental health therapy to boot.

except for one thing. this time we had to suck it up and go into the cold room.

yes. the cold room. brrrrr... but we're from michigan and illinois respectively so we took it in stride.

we faced mountains of perishables (milk, fruits and vegetables, breads, cakes, lettuce, you name it) that needed to be inspected and packed.

my gift for smelling food that has gone bad came in quite handy, and kelly's competitive spirit kept us going all evening long.

i only regret i never got to drive a forklift. maybe next time.

between the 20 or so of us, we packed more than 300 boxes of food for needy families all over middle tennessee.

seriously, this is so fun. get yourself signed on at hands on nashville and become a regular volunteer. super easy and a fun thing to do with friends.

we're already planning to bring our boys when they get older ... and when they have come to understand the importance of not eating yesterday's chicken nuggets off of the floor boards of the car.

PS i apologize for the grainy camera phone pictures but i think my blackberry was frozen and my fingers didn't have feeling in them.

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