Thursday, December 23, 2010

program note.

we interrupt your holiday programming for this important announcement:

i've discovered the world's. best. fish. taco.

it's at la hacienda taqueria on nolensville road.

delicious flaky bits of fish, lightly seasoned, topped with pico de gallo (i got mine on the side), a slice of avocado and a spritz of lime – all nestled on a tiny corn tortilla.


they also have a market where you can buy home made mexican pastries. mmmm .... churros ...

we now return to polar express, already in progress.

PS don't you think polar express is creepy and scary? just sayin.'


Carlos Jr @ La Hacienda Taqueria said...


We at La Hacienda Taqueria alongside our SuperMercado would like to thank you for the kind remarks left by you. Upon your next visit your meal is on the house (including your family). Send me an email at with your contact information for me to pass this over to my manager to accomodate you and the family on us. If you have not already done so, please add us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter included in the links below.

We greatly appreciate the remarks and your continued loyalty.

Best wishes,
Carlos Jr @ La Hacienda Taqueria

Joan said...

thank you so much, but that is not necessary. we love your food and are happy to pay! see you soon,

Carlos Jr @ La Hacienda Taqueria said...

Again, we thank you for the good words. The blog is great. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,
Carlos Jr @ La Hacienda Taqueria

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