Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the boy(s).

the boy is still coughing and we are debating taking him to school today.

when i asked him if he felt up to it, he said, "but mommy, i'm going to wake everyone up with my cough at naptime." he was hunkered down under a blanket in front of the tv, his little blue eyes looking heavy, so i think he may be home for another day.

and in case you are wondering, this photo is of the other boy in the house.

hubz is back from performing christmas concerts with michael card. they were in colorado, south dakota, north dakota and minnesota. needless to say there were many miles between venues and many hours of staring at flat, snowy plains.

this is the picture his band mates e-mailed me. i'm pretty sure wet willies and wedgies occurred shortly after the picture was taken.

ah, life on the road. glad i don't have to do it!

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