Thursday, November 4, 2010

a little thursday reading

i recently had the opportunity to write an article about dismas house, a half-way house in nashville where college students are helping ex-offenders change their lives for good.

writing the article was a powerful experience, and i learned that no matter how many interviews you've done, or how many articles you've written, you can always learn something new from the process.

this is my new friend albert. we like talking baseball.

and this is william. he totally rocks it out. love the ink.

here's me at dismas house, trying to figure out how to make kool-aid.

seriously, i am no help in the kitchen.

this is nicole, one of the awesome students who comes every week to fix food for the guys and hang out. what an inspiring bunch!

read the article here, and my editor's note here.

all photos are copyright VU/Steve Green

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ian said...

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