Friday, November 26, 2010

happy (black) friday!

it's the day after thanksgiving and i'm not shopping (thank goodness!). i'm at work. i have much to do to meet my deadlines, so am here in the pin-drop quiet to get some writing done. but first, a recap of thanksgiving.

we started it off with a thanksgiving-eve hockey game.

we got to see one of his best pals, winston.

they're like brothers. they've been friends since they were nine months old.

other best friend ryan was also in the arena, but we weren't able to find him once everyone got seated.

the next morning we started cooking. mashed potatoes with butter are always first on my list. everything else is expendable in my opinion.

i called an audible on the green bean casserole and went for simply fresh green beans with butter and sea salt. perfect. no other accoutrement necessary.

and savory sweet potatoes. again with the butter. are you sensing a theme here?

and hubz got his chicken legs. i bought some tofurkey slices in case i get a hankering for turkey sandwiches this weekend. normally i don't miss having meat in my diet, but turkey sandwiches ... oh boy. i don't think hickory smoked tofurkey slices are going to cut it.

and there was sweet potato pie. i didn't have this growing up, but being an honorary southerner now (sort of), i had to incorporate it.

we were done cooking by noon. so ate our feast for lunch.

it was good.

then, naps for all.

after naps, we baked pies.

hubz made apple ...

and blueberry.

and i made tiny pumpkin tarts.

as the boy would say, deee-wishus!

then, as is my usual custom, i drug out the boxes of christmas decorations. time to put up the christmas village. i have about 20 different houses, trees, lights and fake snow.

and the nativity scene, hand carved in israel.

now, i really should start thinking about christmas shopping ...

but first, deadlines await.

happy black friday!

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