Friday, November 12, 2010

friday vanities.

did i mention that last night i went to an open house for the boy's school, which he will attend in 10 short months for kindergarten? No? i guess that's because it was completely traumatic.

also did i mention that there will be no pictures of said open house, because the first thing i did was trip in front of everyone, sending my camera flying across the room, after which it broke into a bunch of pieces?

yeah, that made an impression.

during the facility tour, when they described how the kids get out of their parents' car at drop-off and run in to the school by themselves i became severely farklempt.

while they described the beautiful gym, the chinese language classes, the art room, the gorgeous library and the computer lab, all i could think of was:


then sobbed all the way home.

i truly cannot handle it right now.

so let's focus on something else.

friday vanities it is.

[deep breath]

misspelled ones are the best. especially when there is plenty of room to spell it correctly, as in the case of previous friday vanities "CUP CAK" and "GITAR." tsk, tsk.

i'm guessing this one refers to the person's occupation - interior designer, perhaps? i'm just spit-ballin' here.

this admonition never fails to inspire.

another misspelling. ha.

wonder where they moved from. hmmmm....

and last but not least, the slightly vain YOUNGDOC, who is clearly proud of his/her newly minted medical diploma. sure. rub it in our faces.

that's it for today. we're headed to SW missouri in the morning for the funeral and hopefully some nice family time while we're there.

have a great weekend, and for pete's sake, try to pull yourself together.

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Deb said...

I'm so sorry about your broken camera. Don't be too hard on yourself - it IS traumatic - it's a new phase in this journey. Good thing is, there will be new things in this part that you'll love, too! Hang in there.

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