Monday, November 22, 2010

bits of my weekend vol. 25

this weekend we went bike riding at the park. but digging in the dirt at the baseball diamond was more fun.

this is a spider.

this is a ghost.

this is mommy. don't i look pretty?

we all were feeling kind of sluggish.

so we got out the playmobile toys.

they're so elaborate. tiny books, flat screen tv, a fold-out sofa and lovely stemware.

even tiny plants.

it's never too early to learn decorating skills.

we also have a very elaborate mermaid and mer-man set.

don't look at me. the boy picked it.

he just can't get enough.

but wait, there's more. we also have playmobile pirates, knights and vikings.

it's fun to get them all out at once. the castle, the grocery store, the mermaid island, the pirates, somehow it all works.

we were super excited to try out the new seattle's best, which just opened across the street.

all but the boy, that is. it's farther to walk than starbucks, which is all of 100 paces door to door, and he did not feel like walking.

so we borrowed a harris teeter shopping cart and loaded the boy up.

yep, that's us.

goin' rogue.

the verdict: fab-u-lous.

love it so much.

the boy agrees. as long as he doesn't have to walk there.

lastly, we got the boy online to play some caillou computer games at pbskids. he uncovered dinosaur bones and put together the dino skeletons.

he's really good at it.

at this age (5) he is changing so much. today he identified the vowels in his name.

pretty sure he's a genius.

so how was your weekend?

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