Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bits of my weekend vol. 24

my birthday weekend started out with this. a fantastic necklace from my co-worker and friend. a handmade necklace with a tiny kitchen aid mixer and cupcake pan.

she knows me too well.

we spent saturday driving nine hours to hubz' hometown in southwest missouri to attend his grandmother's funeral.

the next morning we went to the hotel's buffet for my birthday breakfast.

the omelet was wonderful.

and the coffee divine.

just what we needed to recharge.

the hotel and adjacent shopping mall were all decked out for christmas.

just gorgeous.

we threw pennies in the fountain and did a little shopping.

since my camera is dead, i had to try to chronicle the trip with my crap-berry.

"mommy, mommy! take a picture of me in front of the big moose!"

the boy enjoyed the indoor pool.

and while i watched him play, i read birthday cards my family sent me.

my dad is the sweetest.

the funeral itself was a beautiful send-off to a woman we all cherished. we promised ourselves we wouldn't cry - after all she wouldn't have have liked that.

but we did anyway.

we went to her favorite restaurant, bob evans, and had hashbrowns and eggs in her honor.

and then we drove nine hours back to nashville.

the weekend was special, but we are all exhausted and still fighting colds. now on to our work responsibilities and preparing for thanksgiving.

we have much to be thankful for!

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