Friday, October 15, 2010

friday vanities.

what does a vanity plate say about a person? i'm not always sure, because in most cases, i snap a photo of a plate without ever meeting the owner.

considering the extra cost and effort that goes into getting a vanity plate, i'm constantly amazed at the semi-lame vanity plates i see.

and even worse are the ones that are clearly meant to say something, but no one but the owner can tell what it means.

that's just frustrating.

that's how i felt about this one.

Scene Set?
Sun Set?
Scone set?

but then i ran into the owner, and i was able to ask the meaning.

he told me it represents sconset, a village in nantucket his family loves to visit.

awwwww .... that's nice.

this one, i had to look up. was it perhaps the plural form of uranium? nope.

urania seems to be the name of some kind of greek goddess who may or may not be aphrodite and may or may not be the daughter of zeus.

come on, people, that's just plain annoying.

this one was e-mailed to me by my texan friend. (her plate reads 1 TEXAN)

it's straightforward and to the point, as vanity plates should be, so i'm going to give this one a B+.

but here's another head scratcher.

an independent recording artist?
an independent woman?
an independent mary kay cosmetics consultant?

there's just no tellin'.

[insert aggravated face here.]

at last. a vanity plate i can get behind. this gal's into the dance class zumba. she so into it, she's the queen of it.

i like it.

keep 'em comin' folks. and have a great weekend!

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