Friday, October 8, 2010

friday vanities.

the vanity plates i saw over the last week seem to have a religious theme.

well, sort of. i'm scraping here, and this is the best i can do.

dante deo apparently is latin for "grace of god," so that fills the bill.

joshua is a biblical name, so that counts.

this one's definitely in there. (thanks, cuz, for sending it to me!)

not sure what 8 PEACE means, but peace is definitely a biblical concept (especially for those of us raised mennonite).

ok, this one's a stretch. but a tough military man who's sweet enough to put his wife's name on his truck is for sure good people.

i hope you have a great weekend! in nashville, a miracle has occurred: sunny weather is forecasted for the southern festival of books, which runs today through sunday.

the last time that happened ... well, i don't think that's *ever* happened.

so get on out to legislative plaza, listen to some authors and buy some books.

and don't forget to be thankful today, wherever you are.

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