Wednesday, October 13, 2010

an exquisite impression.

i was invited to a press tour of the birth of impressionism: masterpieces from the musee d'orsay, opening oct. 15 at the frist center for the visual arts.

it began with a continental breakfast - almost too pretty to eat. fresh berries and yogurt, poached pears and wild mushroom crepes.

stephane guegan, curator of the musee d'orsay, narrated the tour.

the famous arrangement in grey and black: the artist's mother (aka "whistler's mother") is on display, along with works by degas, manet, cezanne, monet and renoir.

normally when you think of the impressionists, you think of lovely muted pastel landscapes. but this exhibit isn't only about that. it's about the actual birth of the impressionism movement, and as you go from gallery to gallery, you see the evolution of this revolutionary (at the time) style of painting.

don't miss out. even those who don't profess to be art lovers will find these paintings breathtaking.

the exhibit closes jan. 23.

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