Monday, October 18, 2010

Bits of my weekend volume 20

we had absolutely no plans this weekend. sometimes that is the best kind of weekend of all.

but we did not laze around.

oh, no, we didn't.

there was much cleaning to do.

exhibit A: moldy bread in pantry.

exhibit b: sell by 8/23.

not good.

i was wondering where that smell was coming from.

after cleaning, scrubbing and doing about 40 loads of laundry, we set out for the mall to play on the indoor playground.

we couldn't resist stopping off at the halloween superstore to get a few things.

including this parrot.

well, captain hook's gotta have a parrot right?

and a mad, mad mustache.

he's gonna hate having that mustache and goatee taped to his face. i give it about 30 seconds before he rips it off.

my mad men secretary look is coming together.

the dress is back from alterations (the bow on the back needed fixing).

but i can't decide between all my lovely jewels. should i wear pearls or rhinestones or colorful gems?

in other news, the boy now sleeps in a tent.

on top of his bed.

yeah, he's pretty excited about it.

i thought we'd sent it to goodwill but found it in the closet during my cleaning frenzy.

the boy is currently into buying these tiny animals from a vending machine at the grocery store. you put them in water and they grow.

they're kind of disgusting. the horned caterpillars look exactly like the ones i had to pull of tomato plants when i was a kid. yuck.

what else did we do ... hmmm ... let me see. we went bike riding.

and our down the hall neighbor katie gave me this fabulous mad men book! now i'm even more inspired for the costume party she's planning for oct. 29 in the lobby.

she's going as sarah palin.

we may need to hire someone to come tease our hair.

and yes, i know the season finale for mad men was last night, and no, i haven't watched it yet, so don't tell me anything. ANYTHING!

these illustrations are fantastic.

our no-plans weekend also involved piano playing.

we are not forcing the boy but he seems to have his daddy's gift for music.

fingers crossed.

oh, and we took naps. what could be better on a weekend with no plans?

how was your weekend?

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