Monday, October 4, 2010

Bits of my weekend volume 18

the cooler fall temperatures have arrived in nashville, and that's given me a case of fall fever.

but fall was not completely on my side.

i set out to bake pumpkin cupcakes, but not a can of pumpkin could be found in either of the grocery stores we visited.

and to make matters worse, the pumpkin yogurt i was craving at sweet cece's was all gone.

i guess i'm not the only one getting in the spirit of fall, but girl, please. i need me some pumpkin.

speaking of pumpkins, our grinning jack-o-lantern is now wearing a goulish sneer. the heat has caused him to contort and he stinks to high heaven. each day he gets scarier and meaner looking. i can't wait to see what he looks like by the time halloween gets here.

it was a perfect day for baseball.

until the boy got hurt. he collided with a team mate as they both went for the ball (they think it's a race and every hit turns into a pile-up).

what you see here is a mixture of dirt, tears and slight bruising of the cheekbone.

he declared he shall never play baseball again!

but a trip to sweet cece's afterward cheered him (despite the lack of pumpkin fro-yo).

and he insisted on wearing his baseball jersey to church the next day.

yesterday afternoon the boy deemed our apartment "not scary enough," and so we set out to make halloween decorations. we got out the safety scissors and the elmer's and construction paper.

there were bats.

and ghosts.

and mummies.

oh, how i love fall.

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