Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what i'm eating wednesday volume 5

what have i been eating lately? glad you asked.

this is a fabulous tofu taco from moe's burrito. as far as i know, the other chains in town don't offer tofu.

i asked at Qdoba and they laughed in my face.

so i e-mailed corporate.

that's how i roll.

and speaking of rolls ... ken's sushi is my regular haunt. it's by my office and the staff are out of this world. and ken's a sweetie.

one avocado roll and a california roll. plus a side of edamame. and green tea.

i don't eat raw fish unless i'm on a coast, and even then, well, i'm not one for raw fish.

last night we hit cheesecake factory and i landed on an old stand-by, the tomato and basil pasta.

wow, that was a lot of garlic. i can still taste it.

lastly, let's me just say this: sweet cece's has PUMPKIN yogurt.

it is fall indeed.

What are you eating? take a picture, post it to your blog, and link it here! pretty please?

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