Friday, September 17, 2010

friday vanities.

it's slim pickins this week, folks.

i've just been so dang busy getting ready to go to press and also to go on an extended weekend to the ozarks that i haven't been my usual vanity plate super sleuth.

but just think of all the good ones i'll find on my trip to the ozarks! the possibilities are endless.

here we go. the first two require explanation.

bauhaus is a 70s english rock band generally considered the first gothic rock group.

the name references the bauhaus art movement in germany in the 1920s.

all this came from wikipedia. so it could be totally made up for all i know.

this one's a little tougher. a quick google search reveals that ecoplex is either an infrastructure that enables simple wireless platforms to participate seamlessly in a feature-rich, wireless ad hoc network, or ...

an earth-friendly industrial park in south florida.

you decide.

this one's easier. much easier.

and last, but not least, i'm not sure on this one, but i'm going with "road warrior," which is what i'm about to be.

have a great weekend! i'll keep you posted on our journey!


marie said...

I love the Ozarks so much, though I haven't seen nearly enough of them, and all that I have seen is in Arkansas. I hope you have a great time!

Kelly said...

I had to laugh - I was driving around on Saturday and I was behind the "Burger3" car! So I just had to tell you:)

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