Friday, September 10, 2010

friday vanities.

is it friday already?

oh my.

well, i did see a few fun vanity plates this week. but it's always the ones that get away that kill me.

that means you, DUBLINR, 2NSMITH and NTWRKING. i will get you one day. (shakes fist to sky)

but until that day, we'll just have to settle for these.

when i see a red vette, i know it's gonna have a cool plate. it's a crime if it doesn't, in my opinion. this one does not disappoint.

realtors. they always go with something showy and braggy.

i love the nicknames. makes me think some nice husband ordered this for his sweetie as a surprise.

but the misspelled ones, i love you best of all.

have you seen any good plates? send them on!

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