Thursday, August 19, 2010

the last clipboard

the time has come.

the boy is moving up to his final daycare classroom, the pre-k class. in just a couple of weeks he will be five years old.

every day since he was 10 months old we have entered this beloved place and signed in on a clipboard emblazoned with his class name.

once upon a time he was a wiggle worm, then a little lion, a rainbow and an explorer.

today i will sign his name on the last clipboard on the counter, and he will officially be a shooting star.

when he first started at this daycare, he looked like this.

now he looks like this.

my boy is growing up. a baby no more.

excuse me while i sob uncontrollably.

update: here he is this morning. he's blurry because he's jumping up and down with glee in his new classroom. no tears mamma, no tears.

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