Friday, August 27, 2010

friday vanities

the college students are back in nashville for the fall semester, bringing with them a whole new crop of vanity plates.

well, hello, OARSMAN.

so earnest, these students.

and modest, too.

this one is clearly a vanderbilt student.

and this one too.

ok smarty pants, it took a little thinking but i finally figured this out.


a little nerdy, but clever.

probably a phd student.

this one's got to be a tennessee titans fan.

this was what mo's parents said when he was deciding between college and laying around for a year on their couch.

go, mo, go. and take the family car.

clearly the censor was asleep at the wheel when this request came through.

cheeky college students. always pushing the boundaries.

tune in for more friday vanities next week. and if you see a good one, send it my way!

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