Monday, August 9, 2010

bits of my weekend volume 11

happy monday.

we did another mini-vacation this weekend and man, did we have fun.

here's the boy with his 99-cent inflatable crocodile i got at goodwill. (i also got a kite, a water gun, a lite-brite and lots of cool books!)

we were sure to bring crocky along on our road trip to atlanta to see hubz play in a concert. hubz has been touring with michael card since the beginning of time, it seems like.

before the concert we hit the pool at the gorgeous windham resort in peach tree city.

the view from our room was so lovely. reminded me of our old house in the woods and made me feel a bit nostalgic for our days in the boonies.

look. pinecones.

here's the concert. hubz is the one playing piano. the boy insisted on sitting in the balcony, so we shot this photo through the bullet-proof glass.

just kidding. it wasn't bullet-proof. at least i don't think so.

the next morning we had a fabulous brunch.

oh, how i love brunch.

on the way back, we stopped at the kids' science museum in chattanooga. it was so fun, i can't even tell you.

the best part was uncovering dinosaur bones with teeny tiny paint brushes.

the boy stayed at it for quite a while.

we learned about all kinds of stuff.

as usual, the boy went through the exhibits at breakneck speed and then begged to go to mcdonald's.

he never eats the food - he just fakes hunger to get the toy.

he's secretly a vegetarian like his mamma.

hope your weekend was great. leave me a comment and i'll come by to see what you did.

be thankful today!


Chris Fenoglio said...

Great photos, especially seeing Scott on stage. Does he not have a black shirt? :-)

This weekend I posted my latest column on the Toy Story trilogy. Check it out at


Joan said...

usually he wears a black suit. not sure why he went with the gold shirt. trying to be different i guess!

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