Monday, August 2, 2010

Bits of my weekend volume 10

our weekend was sensational. it started with a birthday party for our friend gavin (far left). henry is in the middle, and our boy is far right.

and then i dashed off to a fondant class at sweetwise. thanks to a groupon, it was only $35 and all supplies were included.

here's what it looks like when you roll out the fondant (which is like a sugary dough), press a pattern in it and dust it with lustre dust.

then we cut it in ribbons to make, well, ribbons.

here's the big ball of marbelized fondant after i worked in the food coloring gel. it works better if you wear surgical gloves.

and don't use too much. that gel coloring is super intense.

the fondant dries out fast so you have to work quickly.

then you roll the fondant out evenly on a plastic sheet and seal it with another sheet on top. this fondant sheeting system was invented by kathy gentry at sweetwise, so if you want one, you'll need to get on the waiting list.

it makes covering a cake with fondant a snap.

even for me. queen of cake disasters.

here's our teacher kelly demonstrating how you lay the fondant on the cake. it sticks to the sheet, so you just drape it across and let it fall gently from the plastic onto the cake.

see? a snap.

then you smooth it gently to get the air bubbles out, one inch at a time, all the way around the perimeter, and work your way down.

here's mine. can you believe i did it?

i'm still kind of shocked.

having the right tools is key. and if you are serious about using fondant, you need to take one of these classes. worth every penny.

here it is with the ribbons on top. i want one of those lustre brushes real bad.

on the way back, i saw this. since the flood, this mall has been closed. it's a bummer because it's my favorite mall.

it's amazing that three months later there is still so much damage to deal with.

then i got home and let the boy roll out some of my leftover fondant. we made some flowers and put candy pearls on them.

did i mention it's a new brand of fondant called "fondX" that actually tastes delicious? fondant in the past did not taste so great.

you can buy it (where else?) at sweetwise. it comes in tubs, like spackle.

see? good enough to eat!

later we went to the park for some batting practice. the boy starts baseball in september. he's in the "wookie" league.

i just love that name.

this box of off-brand bendaroos was the boy's reward for staying in sunday school all by himself.

why didn't i think of it sooner? when threats don't work, move to the bribe.

afterward he said he had "the best time ever!"

after church we went to j. alexanders for lunch, and had this decadent guacamole for an appetizer. the thin, salty chips totally rocked my world. i highly recommend.

i also had a healthy salad.

hopefully that balances out calorie-wise.

and of course, the bendaroos came into the restaurant with us. i'm just cool like that.

those are bits of my weekend. to join in the conversation, visit michelle at 6 in the city.

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Lacy said...

Your pink cake is beautiful!! I'm impressed :)

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