Friday, July 23, 2010

Granny Camp Day 1

our trip to illinois is officially under way.

here's the boy with the pilot before we flew from nashville to chicago.

we immediately set out on foot to explore the city.

what in the world?

they were filming transformers 3.

we went in to a nearby cafe and watched the action. we even saw some of the stars.

my 14 year old nephew ashford was disappointed that megan fox was nowhere to be found. but the kid from holes was there. and some other guys that are apparently a really big deal.

after that we hoofed it to the john hancock building. here's a view from the 95th floor.

even the bathroom had an amazing view.

then we went to the museum of science and industry. the trains were a big hit.

we also liked the weather exhibit. this is an indoor tornado.

at this point we were thoroughly exhausted. but there was no slowing us down. no way. we headed to navy pier.

here's the ferris wheel.

and we had to get on the big noodle.

afterward, we saw this. oops.

more to come!

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