Thursday, July 8, 2010

eggs, glorious eggs!

i just met the most interesting woman - carolyn truscott - who has an exotic chicken farm in franklin, tenn. who ever heard of such a thing?

she has polish hens (pictured), araucanas, salmon faverolles, and many other gorgeous birds with fancy head plumes and feathery pantaloons.

she gathers the eggs and sells them for $7 a dozen to her friends. they are not available in stores.

they are always super fresh - like, just laid that day.

the eggs are all different colors, which is fun - brown, peach, speckled and blue. the birds are totally free range, so they get to eat lots of yummy herbs, grass and bugs.

many of them are very docile and like to be held. how sweet is that?

she invited us to come see her farm and she offered to bring chicks to the boy's school for the kids to love on.

i of course had to buy a dozen immediately. i can't wait to try these eggs tonight!

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