Sunday, July 18, 2010

bits of my weekend volume 8

it's not all sweetness and sunshine around our house. sometimes in the mornings my family gives me the stink-eye. even millie.

you don't want to mess with those teeth.

the boy also can be a grump. the moment he wakes up, he starts demanding breakfast.

most of the time i try to make something healthy.

but sometimes, you choose your battles.

we had one of those days this weekend.

the boy was persuasive. he would have nothing but marble pound cake from starbucks.

so we threw some tuna in the cat bowl and sojourned to starbucks, a whole 100 paces from our building.


what are saturdays for if not for breaking the rules?

i can almost read his mind.

my mom is so cool.

having her for a mommy makes me want to dance.

she's so wise. i never noticed that before.

from now on, i think i'll listen to her when she asks me to brush my teeth.

i may even start flossing.

these are bits of my weekend. to join the conversation, visit michelle at 6 in the city.


Chris Gosnell said...

Love, love, love! I'm with ya on breaking the rules every once in a while. :)

sherilee said...

Sweet little guy!

Melissa said...

The cat pictures are so funny! I can totally relate because I'm a grump when I wake up, mostly because I'm always woken up. I never get to wake up "naturally" after a good night's rest. One day, though.

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